The Team

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Elevation Kiteboarding Team


The Elevation Kiteboarding team is a group of enthused kiteboarders who love what they do and enjoy sharing their passion with students. Our instructors are IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) certified with years of experience teaching students of all levels. Our aim is to teach independent, safe and successful kiteboarders! After 11 years in business, we pride ourselves on being one of the original kite schools in the world with two North American locations that allow us to teach nearly year round with a team that continue to come back each year.


Elevation Kiteboarding Marie


Marie-Christine Leclerc


Marie is from Quebec and started kiteboarding in 2002. She has pushed kiteboarding limits and established Elevation Kiteboarding as a premier school on the west coast of Canada and Mexico. She has been teaching since 2005 and has taught hundreds of students with her attention to detail, safe and positive approach. Her teaching techniques and uplifting attitude have inspired and educated many of the people you will meet at Nitinat Lake and in La Ventana. Elevation Kiteboarding School has an excellent and experienced team thanks to Marie’s vision and skills.


Elevation Kiteboarding Mark


Mark Bavis

Gear Specialist / North Kiteboarding Retailer

Mark comes from a background of sailboat racing on the coast of New Brunswick. As kites became available in 2000, Mark saw the potential for another form of sailing and became a kiteboarding pioneer. Mark is a North Kiteboarding retailer for both of our teaching locations and is the go-to for gear questions.


Elevation Kiteboarding Jenn


Jennifer Netherton

School Manager / Director of First Impressions

Jennifer joined the Elevation team in 2014 from Vancouver, British Columbia. She was one of our students that kept coming back and decided to stay. Her love of kiteboarding and working with people is the perfect compliment to running our school.


Elevation Kiteboarding Robin


Robin Bowles

Instructor – Advanced Kiteboarding Specialist

Robin comes from the UK and has been kiteboarding since 2002 and an IKO instructor since 2004. Robin has a skillful background in skateboarding and snowboarding. He has devoted thousands of hours to freestyle riding and has logged as many hours teaching.

Robin loves to use film and video to show his students their riding style as a method to improve technique.


Elevation Kiteboarding Rico



Instructor – Advanced Kiteboarding Specialist

Rico was a windsurfing champion in Mexico before he converted to kiteboarding. He has been teaching in La Ventana for over 10 years. Big smile, contagious laugh, patience and being calm are some of Rico’s best qualities. He provides instruction in both English and Spanish.


Elevation Kiteboarding Kenji


Kenji Jones

Instructor – Advanced Kiteboarding Specialist

Kenji hails from Playa del Carmen and moved to La Ventana in 2002 to learn how to kiteboard. He is our technical guru and is excellent at explaining the theory behind how kiteboarding works. His curly hair is almost as big as his warm persona. He provides instruction in both English and Spanish.


Elevation Kiteboarding Pete


Peter Rhymer


Peter joined the Elevation team in 2010 in La Ventana and follows the Canadian team back to Canada each summer season to teach at Nitinat Lake. Peter has been kiting for 10 years and has a passion for kiting that has endured. He can often be found on the water after lessons catching big air. Peter’s patience is boundless and is great with timid beginners or our younger students.


Elevation Kiteboarding Luce


Luce Durocher


Another Quebec export, Luce joined the Elevation team in 2010. Working closely alongside Marie, she has a passion for empowering our female students and is one our Women’s Camps aficionado’s. Her positive outlook, her love of teaching and her go-get-em’ attitude has enabled hundreds of students to become confident successful kiteboarders. She teaches in English and in French.


Elevation Kiteboarding Kris


Kris Kinn

Instructor – Advanced Kiteboarding Specialist

Our resident PKRA 2nd place champion and globetrotter extraordinaire, shares her love of kiteboarding with our students in La Ventana. Kris joins us each winter season from Buffalo, NY to teach and compete in southern Baja. Her detailed teaching style and her smile that extends from ear to ear makes her sought after.


Elevation Kiteboarding Salim


Salim Mendez

Instructor – Foiling Specialist

Salim comes from Cozumel, Mexico. He has been kiting for several years and teaching for three. He is our resident foil expert. Before work and after, he will be found gilding over the water on a foil. This season he competed in the Foil World Cup. He provides instruction in both English and Spanish.


Elevation Kiteboarding Layne


Layne Mullard

Instructor – Trick/Strapless Specialist

Layne joins us from White Rock, British Columbia and growing up spent his winters in La Ventana. He transitioned from windsurfing to kiteboarding as a young teenager. A decade later he is an amazing freestyle kiteboarder, who performs countless tricks back to back. He is requested by many intermediate and advanced riders to teach pro tricks and how to ride strapless boards.


Elevation Kiteboarding Karen


Karen Lacombe


During the summer season, Karen works as a rafting guide in Quebec. Her 20 years of guiding experience has made her an excellent instructor. We were thrilled when Karen joined our team last year in La Ventana. Her upbeat personality and humour gives her the title of Head Cheerleader. She makes everyone of her students to feel special, confident and the ability to laugh while on the water. Karen provides instruction in both English and French.


Elevation Kiteboarding Leo


Leo Perez Briseño


The team has known Leo for several years, we have all gone swimming with whale sharks in La Paz with him. Under the tutelage of our instructors Kenji and Rico, he started kiteboarding several years in La Ventana. As a product of our relationship with him, he started teaching with us last year. He is very detailed with his instruction and a stickler for safety. He has a warm heart and wants the best for each of his students. Leo provides instruction in both English and Spanish.


Elevation Kiteboarding Kaykay


Kay Kay


Kay Kay is our Czech import. She started kiteboarding in 2013 in Squamish, British Columbia. Her desire to learn more about the sport of kiteboarding led her to take the IKO Instructor training course. As a certified instructor, she joined us this summer at Nitinat Lake and has been a great addition to our team. When she is not on the water, she is teaching yoga on the shore. Her calmness and her ability to explain body positioning has enabled her students to find confidence and independence on the water. Kay Kay provides instruction in English and Czech.


Elevation Kiteboarding Modelo



Elevation’s Mascot

Our little Mexican puppy rescued in one of our favourite Kitesurfing location on the west coast of Baja. Modelo was skinny, full of fleas and very small from mal nutrition. His life changed on May 10th 2015 when we found him at a Modelorama. He is now a beach bum that lives between Nitinaht Lake, B.C. and La Ventana, Mexico or wherever the wind takes us. Modelo specializes in swimming and lounging on the beach.