Women’s Camps

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Elevation Kiteboarding Women's Camp

Elevation’s women’s camps are the way to go for any women that would like to give kiteboarding a try, meet other women kiteboarder’s or just push their skills to the next level.

Our experienced women instructors, the women specific gear and the fun shared experience has proved to be a winning combination. This camp is built to help women become safe, independent and confident kiteboarders.

Our 3 day kite camp for women taught by women is a fun and non-intimidating way to learn.

When I first started kiteboarding there were very few women in the sport. From the beach, it looked extreme and streighnous… but, I later found out that it’s not! Feeling empowered made me want to show other women that they can do it too. This is why I started teaching kiteboarding. There is no better feeling then to push one’s limits, see the progression and feel rewarded. Creating an environment where women are able to share their fears and their accomplishments makes my job the best in the world!

Marie-Christine Leclerc

Owner, Elevation Kiteboarding


Upcoming Women’s Camp Schedule

Nitinat Lake, Canada 2018

  • June 25th – 27th
  • July 2nd – 4th
  • July 23rd – 25th
  • August 13th – 15th
  • August 27th – 29th

Stay connected with our Facebook group Elevation Women’s Camp Connect to find out what is coming up!

Please refer to our locations page for where to stay and how to get there:



We also have Women’s Day on the island being a fund raiser for the kids of La Ventana. Along with the La Ventana Classics, a fund raising kiteboarding event that happens every winter in La Ventana. We have put together an awesome Island Crossing for all the ladies. Over the years we have put kids to school, bought sports equipment for young girls and have help build bathrooms and equip the schools of La Ventana. Keep checking our Facebook page for updates on our next adventure.