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Elevation Kiteboarding Gear Rental


Don’t want to travel with your equipment or just kiteboard once in a while and are not ready to purchase your own gear? Yes we offer kiteboarding equipment rental. We have top of the line, most recent equipment mainly from our favourite brand North Kiteboarding.

A lot of our clients ask if they can rent equipment between their lessons.
To rent you must be able to perform all of the following:

  • Rig on your own
  • Launch and land safely
  • Retrieve your board
  • Ride consistently in both directions
  • Ride upwind
  • Turn
  • Perform a self rescue

If you do not meet these requirements we recommend a lesson.

Gear Rental Prices

Kites: $75/day

Rebels, Dice, Vegas North Kites Rental

Twin tip boards: $25/day

Gonzales, Jaime, XRide, Soleil, Spike North Twin Tip Boards Rental

Surfboard: $25/day

Pro CFC, Pro surf, Whip, Woohoo North Surf Boards Rental

Skimboard: $25/day
Our own Beachdog Skimboard

Beachdog Skim Board Rental

Accessories: $15/day

Seat harnesses, waist harnesses, safety leashes, impact vests, helmets, Go-Joes and trainer kites.

Bar: $15/day

Click Bar, 5th Element Bar, Quad Control Bar

*Prices are in US dollars.

Come visit us to find out more.