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August 12th (Fri)

4:20pm – 8:00pm Registration
8:00pm Opening Party

August 13th (Sat)

8:00am – 10:15am Registration and Breakfast
10:30am Riders Meeting
11:00am Distance Race
2:00pm Border Cross
8:00pm Live Music, Costume Competition
10:00pm Drum Jam, Bonfire

August 14th (Sun)

8:00am Breakfast on the Beach
9:30am Flotilla Raft Race and Duck Race
1:00pm Throw Down (Freestyle)
3:30pm Closing Ceremony and Raffles
*Times subject to change depending on wind conditions.



Determined winner for this event is the person who can go the furthest upwind. Nitinaht lake is thermal driven.
The wind touches down about 1 mile up the lake and then weakens beyond that point so the person who makes
it the furthest wins. Beach start.


This year to make this event more exciting we decided to make the course bigger and do a beach start with
everybody goes at once. The top 5 riders to do the most amount of laps in 45 minutes will move on to a
shortened course to race against each other.


Non stop action for 2 hours straight. Judged by the crowd. Prizes for top rider, best trick, best wipeout, biggest
air, most amount of tricks and more. No heats, everyone out at once, let’s see who can impress the crowd the most.


First ever Flotilla Raft Race. Build a raft for you and 4 or more of your friends and we are going to race across
the lake. You can use sails, kites, any wind driven tools to get you across and paddles as well, no motors.
First group of competitors to grab the flag on the other side of the lake wins.


There are 200 rubber ducks. Buy a duck or ducks, they will all be released up the lake and get blown downwind
first duck to cross the finish line wins cash pot up to $1000.00 depending on amount of ducks sold. 50/50 half
goes to the entertainment and win the other half.


Dress up on saturday night!!!! prizes for best costume!


Elevation Kiteboarding School Windfest